Maria Lai, Ulassai 2020

Maria Lai, Ulassai 2020




As a corollary and completion of Maria Lai's "Stazione dell'arte" museum, we find, in Ulassai, the open-air museum: an important example of public and social art started by Maria in that magical 1981 with the collective performance "Bind to the mountain" . Scattered variously in the inhabited center of Ulassai, admirably integrated and merged with the territory and its extraordinary environmental and naturalistic features, there are works such as the "Lavatoio" (Ulassai, 1982 - 1989), a collective work which, on a public wash house project from 1902, it houses works by Luigi Veronesi (the "Fountain of the source", 1984), Guido Strazza ("The fountain of wheat", 1989) and the pavement in front of the building, Maria Lai (the "Frame-ceiling", 1982 ) and the last work of Costantino Nivola (the "Sound Fountain", 1982) then replicated in copy in Orani, in the museum dedicated to the artist. But also numerous works by Maria Lai, a native of Ulassai, such as "The goats sewn" (Ulassai, 1992), "The road of the rite" (Ulassai, 1992 - winds along a path of about 7 km!), "La Scarpata "(Ulassai, 1993)," The game of the goose flight "(Ulassai, 2002)," The blackboard "(Ulassai, 2003)," The tangle wall "(Ulassai, 2004)," The house of restlessness " (Ulassai, 2005), the “Walled booklets” (Ulassai, 2005), “Morning shepherd with goat” (Ulassai, 2005), “Entwined fairy tales. Monument to Gramsci ”(Ulassai, 2007) and others.


The works of particular relevance and significance in the path and poetic of the great Sardinian artist (but also of the other artists who wanted to leave this country their artistic trace), work of particular relevance and significance in the path and recovery, promotion and enhancement, exhibited as for years, due to the inclemency of the weather and natural bad weather, they are increasingly at risk, without adequate and timely conservation interventions, of being irreparably compromised and damaged.


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