Marketing is closely related to communication: all promotion and diffusion of your image and your products or services, in fact, must begin with a phase of analysis of the specific reality of reference. Good communication comes from good marketing analysis which allows to optimize the message to be transmitted and successfully pursue results. Pico studies and proposes marketing strategies assisting companies throughout the process of marketing planning along side during the implementation of the various actions.

Offered services
Plans and marketing strategies
Plans and communication strategies
Sales Strategies
Organization and Management Press Office
Organisation of events
Repositioning product

Strategic and operative marketing
Monitoring of company resources
Video mapping is a technique of video installation, that allows to draw and follow the geometry of a product or of an architecture, using video content that visually interact with the structure itself.
A different reading of the space and a changed experience of it.
Using video mapping allows to change the scenographic performance of the space, emphasizing shapes and features.
The use of video mapping in communication introduces telling time and explode specific concepts.
Places seemingly unusable for traditional techniques become new spaces of communication with a strong emotional effect surprise: from large to small surfaces, from modern architecture to monuments, from outside to inside, from a mere backdrop to interactive installation, a showcase floor or ceiling, from live performances to permanent installation.

Offered services
Video mapping applications can be different ones, and thanks to new technologies, we can have different declinations.
New product launch
Video raids

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Understand and evaluate carefully the information of the client and their target market. Choose the most innovative technologies and materials. Transform insights, ideas, concepts in visual communication as effectively in order to achieve a predefined target. Create a strong and incisive image, able to stand and be recognized.

Offered services
Corporate identity
Advertising campaigns
Trademarks and logos
Image Catalogues, brochures
Workbook, sales manuals
POS stuff
With the ever increasing presence of new technologies in everyday life, communicating through these become important for the recognition of the corporate image and the affirmation of its product. Design the corporate identity through the new media means putting the company in touch with the online world, create alternative promotion's tools.

Offered services
Content management systems
Web and mobile advertising
Digital presentations
Render 3D
The smartphone has become in recent years the most used technological tool by man. Through the smartphone today people buy products and services, share information and photos, get potentially in touch with a very high number of people.
It is the personal tool that can be used for easy, direct and immediate communication.
And it is done with more and more evidence through mobile apps that are increasingly populating the iOs and Android stores.

Offered services
Design of custom mobile app
Marketplace design
License for use for app builder with autonomous management of their app
Speak about a company or its product becomes more incisive and fascinating if done through images that communicate immediately, even before the words, feelings and emotions. Photography and video are essential communication tools that can enhance the strength and attention to detail of a company, able to highlight the details of a product.

Offered services
Storyboard definition
Art direction
Organization of on-location shooting of photo and video
Organization of in-studio shooting of photo and video
Corporate films
The corporate image or brand identity must be ever disclosed strongly. Designing exhibition spaces and corner-shop that respect the philosophy of the company or brand strength, seek and find creative solutions and design such that they can be immediately identified and which will attract the attention of the public.

Offered services
Designing exhibition stands
Display and signage indoor / outdoor
Creating merchandising materials
Arrangements POS
Management & Social presence
We manage and monitor the presence of your brand on social media.
We provide the setup, customization and optimization of social profiles.
We plan the production and publication of content.
We interact with users, moderate and manage critical situations.

Social media marketing / restyling, integration
We oversee the activity of Sentiment Analysis, reputation on social media, and we provide constant monitoring to detect real-time comments and shares.
We plan remedial strategies and correct activities on the basis of pre-established goals.

Strategic planning, development and deployment of content
We produce ideas and strategies to achieve targeted objectives through the development of viral and valuable content (photos, videos, infografic etc ...) to increase the visibility and interaction from the user. We analyze trends and spread the contents of the company so that they can trigger word of mouth.
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